Kansas City Chiefs & Super Bowl LV

Kansas City Chiefs & Super Bowl LV

Daniel Wilt

Celebrating the Good in Life

We are so grateful for our customers and for our #ChiefsKingdom family and friends. Here at #CocoLocoPartyCenter we couldn’t ask for a better community with which to share our joy and the excitement of the #NFL 2020 playoffs and Super Bowl LV. No, our #Chiefs didn’t win the Super Bowl this year, but we did have a great playoff run and a fantastic season. Like the Chiefs, we still have a lot to be thankful for.

As with many small businesses across the United States, we continue to struggle to remain open. In 2020, we lost nearly 80% of our business due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. With slower than normal business, our store continues to be open by appointment only right now. But – and there’s always a “but” – we choose to look at the positive side of things. First, we have more time together as a family and with our church. Second, the “honey do” list is getting shorter little by little. And third, and most importantly, we have been blessed to be able to meet the requests and needs of the customers that find us online and at our store in Leavenworth.

For example – have you seen the incredible #RunItBack hype video created by the family, students, and staff at Pleasant Ridge Elementary @USD449 ? The joy in the children’s faces is inspiring. Special thanks to @BlaneHoward and @JFProductions for the awesome song and fantastic video.

Did you get a chance to shop @CandleQueenCandlesGiftBoutique ? She has some awesome @Chiefs candles!

Did you see #Mahomes @ScorSportsBar&Grill in Independence, MO? It’s a great place to grab some food and kick back and what the game!

During Christmas, our daughter designed and built an 8’ Nutcracker. Man, it was very cool. Then she topped that off with her version of a 7’ tall #PatrickMahomes piece. She’s got some talent and I enjoy watching her ideas spring to life.

So with this year being what it is, we hope you and your family stay safe and continue to make positive, lasting memories. If you are planning a family celebration for an upcoming graduation, birthday, or anniversary? We’re here to, “Create memories in all your favorite colors!”™

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