Merriam Park Elementary: To the Moon & Back

Merriam Park Elementary: To the Moon & Back

Daniel Wilt

Originally Posted 12/29/17

What a blast it was last night at the New Year’s Eve Eve Eve Eve Party at Merriam Park Elementary.  When we showed up to decorate, there was some concern that the event would be delayed, moved to a new location, or in a worst-case scenario – cancelled due to some broken water pipes!  But alas, all worry for naught, the decorations were put up, the dance floor laid out, and the doors opened to the best and brightest of Johnson County, Kanas!

Coco Loco Party Center was thrilled to be selected as the balloon artist for the school’s first out of session dance.  We had a great time transforming the gym into a dance hall.  And let me tell you, from the time we arrived, through the decorating, during the dance, and even during cleanup, it was incredible to see the level of commitment and sincere caring of the school’s staff for the students and their families.  There is a real sense of “family” between the Merriam Park Elementary staff, teachers, students, and families.  It was even more encouragement for us to do our best in helping to make a fun and enjoyable setting for all who attended.

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