The Quarantine Milestone & Special Occasions

The Quarantine Milestone & Special Occasions

Daniel Wilt

COVID-19 affects all of us in different ways.  However, one thing that we call share in common, is the continued need to celebrate milestones and special occasions.  Celebrations shouldn’t be put on hold for a pandemic. Children and adults alike need to create positive memories, and Coco Loco Party Center is here to help!

We create memories in all of your favorite colors!™ 

While some localities are slowly reopening, we can bring the fun to you!  Choose from our occasion inspired yard art, custom porch pieces, or interior designs made just for you.

Need to drive by your loved one and shower them with love from the road?  A drive-by birthday car parade is one of the easiest ways to celebrate with loved ones without any physical contact.

All you have to do is decorate your car with balloons, banners, and streamers. Then, write your birthday wishes on the windows using a window paint marker. Once your car is decorated, drive over to the birthday boy or girl’s house. They will either be out in the driveway or waiting at the window to receive their birthday wishes. This birthday drive-by is a fun — but most importantly safe — way to put a smile on someone’s face who may be feeling lonely on their birthday.

Have other ideas?  Need a hand decorating, let us know.  Just remember, we can still shower love on our family and friends even while we practice safe, social distance.

Coco Loco Party Center

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